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What is Micro blogging, Why Do You Need One || Learn and Earn.


What is Micro blogging, Why Do You Need One  || Learn and Earn.

What is Micro blogging, Why Do You Need One  || Learn and Earn.

Long-form blog posts have been the holy grail of content marketing for a long time. In fact, many studies have proven that, among other factors, the length of a post is responsible for its popularity. 

The general consensus seems to be that long, more comprehensive posts deliver more value and get more social shares than their shorter counterparts. A word count of 2250-2500 is the sweet spot that gets maximum organic traffic and posts with 3000-10000 words get the highest number of shares.

But this perception is changing. Click-happy net users with dwindling attention spans have no patience to go through long-form content. A Contently survey indicates that 75% of people actually prefer reading posts under 1000 words; only 5% invest time into reading 2000-word plus posts. 

To cater to these evolving content-consumption patterns, bite-sized microblogs are becoming popular. Microblogging sites like Twitter and Tumblr are dishing out short-form content that can be consumed on the move, anytime, anywhere.


What Are Microblogs?

Microblogs are concise blog posts (under 300 words) that can have images, GIFs, links, infographics, videos, and audio clips. Although the term “microblogging” is relatively new, the practice isn’t. Many of us are already microblogging without being aware of it. 


Let us explain with an illustration. You create a video tutorial or write a research-driven whitepaper. While posting it, you draft a crisp summary that includes the main highlights and an embedded link to the resource. That’s a microblog! It’s like instant messaging and traditional blogging rolled into one. 


The most common content types shared via microblogs are news updates, memes, quotes, event highlights, user-generated content, and infographics. Since 78% of marketers vouch for visual content’s efficacy in driving engagement, most microblogs contain images or animated graphics. 


The Benefits of Microblogging:

The marketing community has started paying more attention to microblogging. The payoff is hard to resist—create and share concise posts and receive instant results. But before we dive into the technical side of microblogging, let’s take a closer look at why you need to microblog at scale.


Reduced Effort:

You can create numerous microblog posts in the same amount of time as it would take you to create one long-form content piece. Creating long-form posts multiple times in a day is not viable, creatively or practically. Microblog posts, on the other hand, take minutes to write up and post.


Microblogging delivers value for money which is a powerful incentive for small businesses and brands. They can cut back on content creation expenditure and maximise their returns.


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