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How to start a blog to make money-Learn And Earn

How to start a blog to make money-Learn And Earn          Honorable viewers, welcome to my ‘” learning and earning blog. This blog is created with the aim of helping all those beginners, advanced and others who want to build career in freelancing. Viewers, in this blog you would like to learn about affiliate & digital marketing, bitcoins earning, blogging, s e o, facebook marketing, video marketing, graphics and web designing etc. However, let’s come to the main point.

Are you wondering how to start a blog? Or maybe you have questions about it. I’m glad you’re here! In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to create your own blog, no technical experience required. (It’s easier and faster than you think.) Plus, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions along the way. This is the site I wish I had when I started blogging 14 years ago.
I created my first blog in 2004 with zero computer experience. It took me forever because I had to google my way through. This how-to guide contains what I learned and is for those who want step-by-step instructions in an easy and simple format. 

The 6 steps to start a blog

1.    Decide what to blog about.
2.    Choose a blogging platform.
3.    Find a host.
4.    Pick a domain name.
5.    Get started with WordPress.
6.    Design & use your blog!
Don’t worry, I’ll walk you right through. Frequently asked questions are clearly indicated by “FAQ.”

Why start a blog?

There are many reasons to consider starting a blog. Here are a few popular ones:
·        Make money while working from home. I make a full-time income blogging. Many others do the same. Making money as a blogger is hard work, but it’s low risk, low overhead and low barrier to entry.


  ·        Become a published author. It’s no secret, these days publishers rarely work with authors who don’t have an online presence. The reason is simple: it’s a lot easier to sell books to people who already know you. A blog is one of the easiest and most effective places to start.
·        Get more exposure for your existing business or organization. A blog gives anyone, from individuals to large companies, the ability to reach a large number of people at very little cost.

·        Just write. If you want to write, share your story, encourage others and build a community, a blog is a great place to do that.
Do you see yourself in any of those? Can you see how you would benefit from a blog? Keep reading!
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