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What Should I Blog About? 10 Ways to Discover Your Perfect Niche -Learn And Earn

What Should I Blog About?  10 Ways to Discover  Your Perfect Niche -Learn And EarnHonorable viewers, welcome to my ‘techrajbd.blogspot.com” learning and earning blog. This blog is created with the aim of helping all those beginners, advanced and others who want to build career in freelancing. Viewers, in this blog you would like to learn about affiliate & digital marketing, bitcoins earning, blogging, s e o, facebook marketing, video marketing, graphics and web designing etc. However, let’s come to the main point.

Many people want to start a blog, but they just can’t decide what to write about. If I had started a blog years ago, I would be in that camp. I just have so many interests, and there are so many possible topics to focus on that it would be paralyzing picking one topic.
There may be a rare person who knows exactly what their focus will be from the get go, but for the rest of us out there, it can be a tough thing to figure out! I may not be able to tell you what you should blog about, but I can give you some considerations to think through as you make your decision.

What should I blog about?

1. Consider your passions.

This is the easiest place to start your potential blog topic list. Think about what you are interested in — maybe now, or what you were interested in years ago. I’ve heard of some bloggers “reviving” an old passion they had forgotten about and starting successful blogs around those passions. Years ago as a teenager I was really into fishing and ultimate frisbee. I haven’t touched those two hobbies in years, but maybe reviving those passions and creating a blog around those topics would make sense.
If you’re fortunate enough to have one overarching passion in your life, most likely that’s what you should blog about. Do you spend all of your time knitting custom mittens? Blog about that. Do you spend all of your time watching British TV dramas? Consider incorporating that passion into a blog.

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2. Consider the blogs you read.

Abby has told the story of working part-time as a bank teller (pre-blog) and reading everything on I Heart Organizing. It was her favorite blog! Chances are you have some favorite blogs as well. What type of blog do you spend the most time on? What type of blog do you enjoy reading the most? Consider blogging on a similar topic. Make a blog that you would enjoy reading.
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