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HOW TO START A BLOG-LEARN AND EARN         Honorable viewers, welcome to my ‘” learning and earning blog. This blog is created with the aim of helping all those beginners, advanced and others who want to build career in freelancing. Viewers, in this blog you would like to learn about affiliate & digital marketing, bitcoins earning, blogging,s e o, facebook marketing, video marketing, graphics and web designing etc. However, let’s come to the main point.
Not only is blogging a great pastime, but with a blog, you can express yourself in a unique way, help others with problems you’ve overcome, establish yourself as an expert, and even make some money.
However, getting started the RIGHT way in your blogging career can mean the difference between a blog with a growing, loyal readership...
...or worse, another addition to the internet graveyard.
If you’re new to blogging, it really helps to have someone to point you in the right direction and help you avoid fatal mistakes.
As you'll soon find out...
That’s why I’ve put this page together for you - to give beginners a fast, foolproof guide to starting a blog without having to learn HTML or waste your time reading long, boring tutorials.
In fact, over 9,500 newbies just like YOU have already setup blogs using this guide!
I’ve put this comprehensive resource together to walk you through the process to set up your blog in just 5 easy steps...

Here's How to Start a Blog:

1.    Choose a blogging platform.

2.    Register a domain name and hosting.
3.    Design your blog.
4.    Add posts and pages.
5.    Start growing your blog.
The goal of this page is to help you get started the right way today.
Not tomorrow, next week, or next month...but right now.
From 5+ years of coaching and helping friends with their blogs, I’ve found that many pupils make the same exact mistakes when starting a blog, sometimes resulting in them abandoning the project altogether...
We don’t want that to happen to you.
Here's the deal:
Today I want you to take the time to thoroughly read this post. It’s about 4,000 words long (20 minutes), so get comfy and set aside some time.
I’m going to walk you through the entire process of setting up your self-hosted blog, so you ‘get it right the first time’ without any of the frustrations or headaches I experienced with my very first blog.
Ready to create your blog today? Alright, let’s get right into it.

Step 1: Choose the Right Blogging Platform (Hint hint: Use WordPress)

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