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9 Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2018-learn and earn

9 Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2018-learn and earn             Honorable viewers, welcome to my ‘techrajbd.blogspot.com” learning and earning blog. This blog is created with the aim of helping all those beginners, advanced and others who want to build career in freelancing. Viewers, in this blog you would like to learn about affiliate & digital marketing, bitcoins earning, blogging,

s e o, facebook marketing, video marketing, graphics and web designing etc.

It’s hard to go anywhere without hearing about Bitcoin, but you’ve likely only heard about how its price has shot up this past year. That’s made a lot of potential investors shy away from getting into the Bitcoin market. But did you know there’s a way to start amassing Bitcoin for free?
Though it’s hard to earn much using Bitcoin faucets, they are a way for people to pick up some Satoshis without having to do hard work.
Here’s how faucets work: you simply perform a task (e.g. staying on a web page or watching a video), enter your wallet info, and get some coin. Every site is different so some may ask you to click through some captchas, while others will just require you to stay on the site for a certain amount of time.
Advertisers pay websites for this time (or clickthroughs) and in the end, you get bitcoin deposited into your wallet.
If you’re looking for some more background on what faucets are and how they work check out our Crypto Faucets Guide.

Before You Start Watch out for Faucet Scams

Beware of faucets that are known to be scams or out of operation by checking whether they’re on scam alert lists like this one.
Also watch out for ‘faucet wallets‘, which are elaborate hoaxes that entice you to plop your coins onto their wallet… which you can then never withdraw. One way to spot these is if they promise you free coins for depositing your coins on their wallet. Legit wallets do not give you free coins for using their product. The reward is using the product itself.
In general, don’t put your crypto on any wallet you don’t trust. While hardware wallets are the best (see our reviews for recommendations) there are good software wallets as well. Jaxx is a highly recommended one (check out our review of it).
Also, make sure you see what the faucet’s cashout threshold is before you start or your earnings might be held hostage until you complete enough tasks.
In general, when looking out for scams do a search of the website’s name plus the word “scam” or the website’s name plus the word “legit”. You can also have a look through Bitcointalk’s forums and social media. Chances are if the site is a scam someone will have written about it to alert others. Though it may take some digging to find out.
Here’s our collection of top Bitcoin faucets and how you can use them to make some money before Bitcoin’s value shoots back to the moon again.
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