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5 Popular Freelance Jobs-Learn and Earn

Being a freelancer in any industry confers a sense of freedom upon you – and to some extent, you are your own boss. Even better, when your particular industry is busy and you are in demand, you can see you earnings rise quite dramatically.
There are downsides of course; you’ll not be paid for sick leave or holidays and if work drops off, so will your earnings. You are, at the end of the day, a contract worker.

That said, the freelance option is a growing one and we take a look at five of the top areas where freelancing is most popular.

1. Anything
Yes, almost anything that can be done as a full-time position can also be undertaken by someone working as a freelance, part timer or temporary worker. Assuming you have a particular skill set or can supply a certain answer to a company’s question you can find part-time working opportunities in any industry.

If you background is IT, HR, Sales, Admin, Law – whatever, you need to approach freelancing on a company, by company basis, to find if they have a need or demand for a freelancer. This can be to cover maternity leave, illness or increased workloads. It can simply be a company that is unwilling to commit to full time workers and wants to stay flexible.
Check out company websites and log yourself into recruitment websites as a temporary or freelance worker.

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